Why You Should Start a Vlog With TapeReal

Honestly, vlogging can be thought of as simply creating public daily journal entries. This makes it a great go-to form of low stakes self expression. In other words, vlogging isn’t just for the professionals. It’s for anyone who has anything at all to say.

Why You Should Start a Vlog With TapeReal

Humans are always exploring new ways to find understanding among our peers.

One example of such communication arrived with the advent of vlogging.

Vlogging (or video blogging) is the act of filming one’s routine life and uploading it to the internet for public consumption.

Vlogs are usually recorded daily and consist of tasks and habits done on a regular basis.

Interesting life events are also filmed when they happen, which makes the viewer even more invested in the vlogger’s life journey.

How and When Did Vlogging Begin?

Broadcasting one’s day to day doings gained popularity with YouTube in 2005.

Since then it has become common for YouTubers with large followings to have a “main channel” where they post their highly produced and scripted videos as well as a “vlog channel” where they post less structured content surrounding their daily lives.

It’s no wonder that people are entertained when learning about the human condition as experienced by others.

It can be fascinating to see how other people are “doing” life, especially across cultures (even within the same country).

For example, the daily struggles of a New Yorker are a lot different than those of someone from New Orleans or Indiana.

Sharing the day to day brings people together because it helps us identify with fellow humans from all walks of life.

This is especially true when a person feels like they have really gotten to know a YouTuber through their content.

YouTubers starting Vlogs on TapeReal
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Benefits of Vlogging

As YouTube has soared to the top of the internet’s most visited website list, vlogging has become more and more commonplace.

Now, there are people who can even make a living off of filming themselves going about their routines.

But vlogging isn’t just for huge YouTubers whose whole job is being on the internet.

It actually has a ton of perks that almost anyone can benefit from.

Vlogging Allows Stress Free Self Expression

One thing that rings true across most social media platforms is the high pressure environment for posting.

Photos are expected to be so good that even “candid” uploads have been plucked from a heap of hundreds that were hunted through for one taken at the perfect angle.

Videos are usually scripted and edited to death, often filmed with professional (or semi professional) lighting and sound equipment.

Vlogging, however, is not expected to require such high levels of preparation.

Production studios are not needed to vlog on TapeReal
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Although there are professional vloggers, there is no script and no pressure to create a dancing or viral video.

Honestly, vlogging can be thought of as simply creating public daily journal entries.

This makes it a great go-to form of low stakes self expression.

In other words, vlogging isn’t just for the professionals.

It’s for anyone who has anything at all to say.

Vlogging Creates a Physically Distanced Social Environment

Public video journaling can be a great way to feel connected to other humans during our current pandemic, even if the things being filmed for that daily record “aren’t important.”

After all, during these difficult times, feeling connected to other people is what most of us really need.

And one of the best ways to feel connected is to bond over little things.

For example, breakfast.

How many people could feel a connection over liking eggs the same way?

It’s a small thing, but it is something that could spark a sense of camaraderie among strangers, which is a beautiful thing.

Any and all folks with a smart phone and a basic floor or desk lamp can film a short video about what they ate for breakfast.

Vlog your breakfast
Photo by Ben Kolde / Unsplash

That means almost anyone can participate in sharing their day at a safe distance from others and without sacrificing social connection.

Vlogging Within a Community is Great for Mental Health

Venting about how your day went is a great way to relieve stress, but it is even better when you know there is a whole community of people who will give you grace for being human.

Even if you think nobody cares about how your day went, posting about it will do wonders for your own mental health.

Filming a short impromptu vlog about your emotions — positive and negative ones alike — can really boost your mood.

How to Get Started Vlogging on TapeReal

Although there is something to be said for the community aspect of YouTube (or even TikTok), the expectations are too high for amateur vloggers to feel at home on those platforms.

And as for creating a physically distanced social environment, the desire to feel at home far outweighs the equality in safe distance offered by these high stakes options.

In order for a truly stress free vlogging experiences, new vloggers need a platform where everyone is on equal footing.

They need to post their daily (or semi daily) updates in a place where nobody can edit or manipulate the footage.

Starting a vlog on TapeRea
Photo by Cristina Zaragoza / Unsplash

And the place that satisfies these requirements is TapeReal.

In order to get started with TapeReal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the TapeReal app and make a profile. The app and the first 30 minutes of recording time per month is free!
  2. Press the middle “Record” button and toggle the yellow button to “solo”
  3. Underneath the “Share an update” heading, press the “Video” button and begin recording
  4. Create a title for the video and include any relevant hashtags that will help people find your video easier (for example, if your video is about how you like to cook eggs, title it “How I Like to Eat Eggs for Breakfast.” Then use #breakfast and #eggs as an example of your five hashtags).
  5. After kicking off your new vlog with your first Tape, take a look around and check out the content that other people have posted. You may be inspired by journeys that other Tapers are on, and can also network and meet new people!

In summary, vlogging should not be kept behind the gate of unrealistic expectations.

Everyone with a smart phone should have access to the therapeutic power of talking about his or her day.

And everyone can, with TapeReal.