What to Expect from the New TapeReal.com?

What to Expect from the New TapeReal.com?

Today, we are happy to announce the official launch of TapeReal.com!

After re-branding from Tapebook to TapeReal, we wanted our new .com website to become a destination where people can watch and listen to interesting audio and video tapes created by the TapeReal community.

So without further adieu...

Here are all the amazing things you can do on TapeReal.com!

  1. Listen to audio and video tapes without downloading the App.
  2. Share individual tape web links across social media channels.
  3. Embed any tape on a website or blog (just like YouTube).
  4. Get more exposure and views for your audio/video tapes.
  5. View or Share your TapeReal Profile page by clicking on your @username.
  6. See how you rank on the Worldwide Member Leaderboard.
TapeReal is a new social networking app

What does this mean for our Creator Community?

As a Creator, you will now get your audio and video tapes auto-magically published to the web on TapeReal.com whenever you record through the app.

The process is instant and requires near-zero upload time!

This huge milestone will help our Creators get discovered and provide more exposure and views for their audio and video content – whether on TapeReal.com, social media channels, or tapes that get embedded on other websites and blogs.

You will get more traffic to your website, profile and tapes - so remember to back-link to your profile page to help increase your SEO rankings. Whether you're a podcaster, journalist, comedian, coach, consultant, business owner, or creator of any kind, you can rely on TapeReal to help you quickly create and publish audio and video content for your followers and audience.

🍍Celebrate TapeReal
Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. / Unsplash

Thank you for being a part of the TapeReal community.

Without your feedback and suggestions, we wouldn't be here today. Also, the dedication and hard work of our development and design team made the achievement of this milestone possible – so a huge shout-out to them as well!

Stay tuned for more...

Happy taping everyone! :)

So how will Creators Monetize their content on TapeReal?

We are working on some exciting revenue opportunities for TapeReal creators, and it won't be lame ads!

Get in early and start building your followers before the masses. Now is the time to share your feedback and help shape the platform to your needs.

Download TapeReal from the App Store, and start creating your #SocialReality today!