What is TapeReal: Social Reality?

What is TapeReal: Social Reality?

We all have an identity.

Identities help us make sense of ourselves and the World around us.

So what is TapeReal's identity?

Well, let's begin by saying what TapeReal is not.

TapeReal is not Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Reddit, WhatsApp, or even YouTube... furthermore, it's definitely not Facebook or TikTok.

Before the above networks existed, Friendster and MySpace were popular, and before that, we had online chat rooms and news forums – that's where people gathered online to connect over shared interests, topics, and discussions.

All these platforms have their place in digital history, and many will continue to be around because they're potentially too big to fail.

But as with previous social media cycles, the winds of change are blowing again.

Popular Social Media Apps
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Traditional social media can be disrupted.

Traditional social media is great for managing your contacts and sharing content (i.e. pictures, links, memes, etc.). It's also a wonderful way to discover breaking news and entertaining content. In fact, social media has accelerated the speed at which information travels.

But every minute spent on these platforms is an opportunity for brands and businesses to track and target you with advertising.

Social media is designed to keep you engaged and hooked because you are the product. Their incentive is to make money off your engagement.

Unfortunately, this incentive does not align with the social needs of people.

What we need and desire as human beings is a natural medium of communication. A place for authentic self expression, where we can connect with others, and create real social interactions.

Isn't that what being social is all about?

Can social media replace socializing in real life?
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When you go to a party, do you show up with a picture of a meme? Do you bring websites and articles with you to share with people? Do you go around sticking a thumbs up on people while they're talking and say, "hey, I like what you just said!"

No, of course not.

Instead, you talk about funny memes, you discuss interesting articles, and you share personal anecdotes and stories.

Traditional social media and messaging has overtaken our natural way of communicating i.e. our voice.

Unfortunately, it's also proving to be a poor replacement for it.

In fact, with social media we feel even more isolated and lonely. But this collective sentiment is bringing out a deep desire for change...

There is a shift happening in social media
Are we experiencing a shift in the way we connect?

How we connect evolves over time.

In the early 1900's, people connected "in real life" without any technology. Beyond snail-mail, we were limited to proximity based social circles. Our natural medium of communication was through the spoken word and in-person – this is what fulfilled our need for human connection and self expression.

In the mid to late 1900's, new forms of technology broadened our connection tool set. Through telephone, fax, email, and the Internet, people expanded their reach and ability to communicate. Rather than writing a letter and waiting weeks or months for a reply, you could pick up the phone and speak to a friend who moved abroad or send an email and get a response in a day or two.

Recently, in the 2000's and 2010's, instant messaging and social media, (especially through smartphones) became intensely prevalent in our lives. The speed at which we communicate is now unprecedented in terms of reach, frequency, and ability.

And our habits have also changed...

Keeping in touch through social media and texting
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Under the guise of "keeping in touch" we now send emojis and share content instead. Social media has essentially overtaken our natural medium of communication i.e. our voice.

But we have to shoulder some of the blame here...

On traditional social media, people have "continuously created, through their actions and interactions, a shared reality that is experienced as objectively factual and subjectively meaningful."

In sociological terms, this is called the social construction of reality – and we built this reality with the technological tools that were provided to us by traditional social media and mobile devices.

Unfortunately, these technological tools do not mimic real life social interactions and human-to-human connection.

This may be the reason why podcasting has become so popular. Podcasting goes back to the root of two or more people having a conversation, dialogue, and discussion.

This is what connects us as human beings – the sharing of our voice.

This is what adds meaning and fulfillment to our lives.

This is what makes social interactions real.

TapeReal enables real life social interaction through technology.

Let's admit it. The smartphone in our pocket is not disappearing any time soon so why not find new and better ways to use it more effectively for self-expression and connection?

Real human connection on social networks
Welcome to the era of Social Reality.

Welcome to the Era of Social Reality.

Social Reality is the duality of Social Media.

Everything that traditional social media stands for is antiquated in this new era.

This is what makes TapeReal so different from traditional social networks.

Our mission is to help humanity construct a new social reality where technology is conducive to putting people, connection, and social interactions first.



People are the mediums of expression... not technology.

People are the mediums of connection... not engagement for ads.

People and their interests should come first.

As my good friend and business coach Greg Dickson likes to say:

"The "reality" is we need each other. It is through dialogue and conversation that we learn who we are. Without it, there is no learning. Dialogue activates and fuels our personal growth. This is what I've learned over three decades as a business coach."

And this is how we've built TapeReal; with the mantra of putting people and conversations first. In this new World of social reality, we are humanizing the status update with authentic self-expression and dialogue.

What is the difference between social media and social reality?
Traditional Social Media vs. New Age Social Media

TapeReal is the new World of Social Reality.

On TapeReal's new social network:

  1. You get privacy from ads and data ownership.
  2. You find community, shared interests and knowledge.
  3. You share powerful memories, stories, and reality-based entertainment.
  4. You engage in a social reality that adds value and meaning to your life.
  5. And most importantly, you get real social interactions and human connection.

This is social power being returned back to you.

This is real human connection in a digital World.

This is the new World of Social Reality.

This is TapeReal and this is our identity.

We have ambitious plans to forever change the way people meet, connect, and interact online. Help usher in the new era of social reality by downloading TapeReal, inviting your family and friends, and sharing your reality today.

Join the movement!

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