Vlogging: 21st Century Television

Over the past 20 years there's been a few surprising developments in Video. Television is dying yet video is thriving! and I believe Vlogging has a large part to play in that.

Vlogging: 21st Century Television

There’s something worryingly enjoyable about looking into other people's lives, be it the characters these individuals portray, the things they do in their everyday life, or the hopeful dispelling of the “grass is greener on the other-side” myth. It goes without saying that we humans are a nosy bunch, and no more so has this been made more apparent than the incredible rise of “Vlogging”.

In early January 2000, a backpacker named Adam Kontras decided to start filming his travels, documenting his journey by recording short snippets for his friends and family to see. By posting these works online, he grew a small but loyal audience that enjoyed his frequent updates.

Little did he know, he had begun the first ever widely available Video log, aka:


With the growing popularity of Youtube and the major advancements in digital cameras, it became inevitable that Vlogging was a few viral hits away from becoming a new video phenomena, all that was missing was a handful of talented creators to push the genre forward.

And low and behold, they came. Pioneers like Shay Carl, Roman Atwood and Casey Neistat took this new development to completely new heights. Recording their lives on a daily basis, the highs, the lows and everything in between.

From the morning commute to work, riding through the busy streets of New York on a skateboard, to attending a crowded comic convention in Indonesia, these people made the step from being completely anonymous to becoming internet celebrities simply through the act of sharing their own lives.

In the early days of YouTube, point-and-shoot cameras were common items in most households and made it easy for anybody who had a desire to make videos to get started, but it wasn’t really until the smartphone became a mainstream device that people truly embraced having a camera in their pockets and started producing Vlog style content. The inception of the smartphone made it a simple task for anybody to record a video and upload that video directly to Youtube in an instant.

Fast forward to 2021, and we’ve seen Vloggers go from strength to strength, racking up millions of views daily all whilst weathering the Youtube policy storms that have taken a toll on their ability to monetize their own works.

From newly implemented barriers to entry like the required 4000 hours of watch time before being able to monetize, or the most recent update that Youtube has announced to its policies… rolling out un-monetizable adverts on early stage creators videos, forcing fans to watch adverts on a Vloggers video, whilst not paying them for the advertising space.

It seems that with the more time that passes, great companies start to lose their way. Youtube started out as a creator first platform, a space where the creators were the most important aspect of the platform. No creators, no content. No content, no viewers. A simple formula.

But as time passed and Youtube became more of a content monopoly, they became more and more stingy when it came to creator monetization. Many of the newer creators on the Platform were unable to continue their passion due to the most recent policy updates. And that comes on to my next point,

Why rely on another platform for a paycheck?

Why not put some faith in yourself?

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