Privacy, privacy, privacy.

Does it even exist?

From companies like Google tracking our behavior online, to Facebook mining our social graphs, to mobile phones being aware of all the locations we've visited, it's hard to believe whether privacy exists anymore. After all, data is the new oil and if you're not paying for the product, you ARE the product... for ads.

Many technology startups in Silicon Valley (and beyond) end up leveraging user data for the purpose of targeting ads or selling it to third-parties. It's a multi-billion dollar industry and a solid source of revenue. In exchange, we get to use their products for free – the cost being our privacy.

Is there a fully-private social network?
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At TapeReal, our stance on user data and privacy is different.

We believe in everyone's right to privacy, and for this reason, we are committed to NEVER selling any of your personal data for any purpose whatsoever.

We believe that people and social networks can be self-sufficient. We believe through real relationships, authentic engagement, and mutual collaboration, people can unlock greater opportunities, organically and in sustainable ways.

We don't need big corporations following us around and targeting us to "buy, buy, buy" all the time. This model simply fuels mass consumerism in unsustainable ways. It also jeopardizes and harms our planet.

What we need are NEW social models that benefit people first. We need communities and tribes that gather around ideas and initiatives for the greater good, supporting each other in the process.

And there is nothing new about this model.

Human beings have been connecting and collaborating for thousands of years. Sure, we've also gone to war and committed atrocities, but with technology removing the barrier of distance, we're now living in a Global Village, and this presents a great opportunity to rethink and re-imagine how we connect, interact, and engage with each other.

Can social media exist without advertising?
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TapeReal has a no ads. Your data belongs to you.

TapeReal has vowed to have "no ads" on our social network. We say "our" because social connections and interactions belong to us... you and I... not third parties.

However, the recording canvas is yours. So if you do have a product, service, or business, you can still promote it organically in your tapes. We call this social selling. After all, people buy from people they know and trust, right? So what better way to build trust than by being social and your authentic self on TapeReal?

Sure, we could have followed the path of traditional social media, but we have different and contrarian views on social networking. We don't want to repeat the cycle of every social network out there. Why build another social network with the same model and expect different results? Isn't that the definition of insanity?

Breaking cycles is what moves humanity forward.

For this reason, TapeReal has taken the unconventional stance of safeguarding people's privacy first, and if that means no ads, so be it. For TapeReal, people and meaningful connections will always be our North Star. We are building a new social network on the foundation of trust.

It's a part of our core values.


So how will TapeReal generate revenue to keep the lights on?

Well, we have bold ideas for that in 2021.

Get ready to chart new waters with us.

Download TapeReal from the App Store today.

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