Throughout our lives, we come across many kinds of people, the influences they have, and the roles they play in our lives.

And no position holds as much importance and influence as teachers.

Be it our parents, our high school professors or college lecturers, swimming instructor, piano teacher, these people pass on the necessary information to help us succeed in life, academically or otherwise.

For a role which requires years of training and countless hard earned hours of learning through life experience or formal education, it seems as though for such incredible responsibility, teachers are often some of the most poorly paid workers in today's cost cutting world.  

Growing up, I saw a huge influx of student teachers pass through my classroom door, one in for a few months, then out the door once again.

It took me a while to realize that my high school was simply cutting costs by filling our classrooms with trainee teachers who needed the work experience and then let them go as soon as they started to feel overly comfortable in their jobs.

The role of teachers and educators in today's society is becoming more and more disposable by the establishment, yet that same role is now growing increasingly more important for the young minds that seek some much needed guidance and direction.

Where things do start to look brighter is the fact that many educators are starting to complement their trade online to subsidize their 9-5 careers.

Teachers, lecturers, coaches and everything in between, offering their lessons on different online platforms to cater to this growing demand for extra curricular lessons.

Platforms like Udemy and WizIQ have stepped in to cater to this influx of students and teachers alike, and now, in timely fashion, the king of ethical social media, TapeReal has entered the race.

With TapeReal’s latest monetization update, educators of all kinds can now post their classes and lessons on the platform and set a price that they see fit.

Language teachers offering their modules, Math tutors providing preparatory grinds for high school students or Golf instructors coaching their followers in how to master their swing.

Whatever you wish to teach, TapeReal can help you make money from it!