Since the inception of Radio in the early 1900’s to the growing popularity of household radio sets in the 1920’s, 30’ and 40’s, radio has stayed very much the same up until the past 30 years, when many new audio trends were beginning to take off, one of which, started in the early 1990’s, named “Audio blogging”.

Audio blogging was a push forward from the traditional radio content the masses had come to know and love.

Audio blogging was rough around the edges, and made by real people with passions, hobbies and interests that they just needed to talk about.

This style of content was usually hosted by popular internet radio hosting sites, where internet users would come and listen to these mostly low budget, “off the cuff” programs.

It was evident that as a medium, internet radio and Audio blogging were still in its infancy, connections would cut out, dialup tones would ring through broadcasts, and microphones could start emitting fuzzy, white noise at any stage during your chosen show.

So who would've thought that this modest little invention would end up churning out 29 Million episodes in over 100 different languages, representing 10% of all content listened to by Millenials and have amassed over 50 billion streams through Apple alone?

Yes, Audio blogging grew up and became the modern day movement we know today;


From the comedic rants of Bill Burr on his “Monday Morning Podcast”, to the insightful “Achievers podcast” hosted by Logan Fairbrother, it seems as though there’s something for everyone when it comes to podcasts.

Since our computers have become exponentially more powerful, and small enough to fit in our pockets, we no longer have to sit at home and plug ourselves into our favourite audio blogs through our desktops.

More than half (59%) of American podcast listeners do their chores whilst listening podcasts, be it cooking, cleaning or washing the car.

According to Edison research it's evident that working and listening go hand in hand.

And this perfectly explains why businesses spent over $497 Million Dollars on podcast advertising in 2018.

54% of podcast consumers say that they have, or have thought about buying an advertised product from their favourite podcast. So obviously there’s great money to be made in the podcasting space.

Understandably, there’s been an incredible rise in the number of people who look to start a podcast of their own.

And now with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine and social isolation, many industrious creators have turned to podcasting as a way to spread their messages, ideas and to spark conversation with the world around them.

This dramatic increase in podcasting can be seen on TapeReal, the App Store’s innovative audio and video platform.

Not only are creators making use of TapeReal’s newest monetisation capabilities, but also as a flourishing community of fellow creators and audiophiles to make their name in.

TapeReal’s “TapeFeed” utilizes a chronological feed, allowing podcasters the opportunity to reach everyone’s attention on the platform.

TapeReal currently plays host to rapping poets, quirky storytellers, modern day philosophers and of course, ambitious podcasters.

So when you’re ready to start your podcasting journey, know there’s no better place to start than TapeReal!