It's common knowledge that most creative professions are undeniably difficult and complicated to make a living from.

Artists, designers, writers and most notably, musicians.

It seems as if from all angles others wish to squeeze every last penny out of your talent, hard work and desire to forge out a career for yourself.

From “working for exposure” to exploitative labels and agencies offering long winded contracts, it seems as if it’s nearly impossible to “get a break” without someone, somewhere, licking their lips hungrily at the thought of getting a percentage of your hard work.

From the death of the compact disk to the soaring popularity of streaming services, it’s become apparent that the artist’s bottom line is getting viciously sliced with each and every new advancement in the music business.

Great for the consumer, bad for the artist.

Physical copies of albums were once the main income source for many, then came the prevalence of online downloads through Mp3, and other formats through sites like iTunes and more.

But then, most worryingly of all, came the prevalence of online piracy, and suddenly, the average person became more and more unwilling to pay for their music.

Along came streaming services like Spotify, who had a wonderful solution to such a pressing problem, to offer listeners unlimited access to all of the songs and albums their heart could desire, all under a single price, a monthly subscription, paying the artists and keeping the consumer happy right?


Spotify’s solution had one glaringly obvious problem, “percentage”.

In today’s hyper competitive music marketplace, it seems as if companies feel as though they can get away with anything.

Spotify, on average, offers their artists $.003 to $.005 per stream.

That means your favourite band needs to wrack up 250 streams to generate a single dollar.

For musicians with a large following, it can probably pay quite well.

But for your up-and-coming local band, your indie unsigned singer-songwriter, or your ambitious young talent, it makes little sense and even less money to even bother publishing their works on streaming services like Spotify.

I thoroughly believe that talent and sheer grit isn’t always reflected by streaming numbers, so why should hardworking “diamond-in-the-rough” acts be offered such exploitative rates per stream?

I believe that many aspiring musicians and regular “giggers” will end up watching their dreams die in front of their very eyes because of the heavy handed, profit driven  business practices used by the likes of Spotify and their peers.

Where things do take a turn for the positive however is seen in the form of today's “micro-influencers”.

Smaller accounts, personal brands, and public figures with 1,000-50,000 followers, these creators have come in the shape of dancers,  artists, streamers, fan channels, teachers, life coaches and everything in between.

These industrious individuals have managed to create monetary streams for themselves by combining their services, talents and skills with their social media pages to form  viable business models.

So what does this mean for musicians?

I know most of you won’t be excited to start posting new unreleased music to Onlyfans, or wish to try and sell your album artwork on Etsy, so where can musicians go?


As of March 5, 2021, TapeReal, the internet's privacy conscious audio and video platform has made another step towards becoming the king of ethical social media.

With their new Social Exclusives feature, creators from all walks of life can now post exclusive, unlockable content at a price that they (the creators) set themselves.

Creators can do this with TapeReal's new in-app currency called...


Each RealCoin has a fixed value of $0.09 USD.

As a creator, you can choose how many RealCoins to charge for your creative work.

Any number from 0 RealCoins (i.e. free content) to 11 RealCoins ($0.99 cents), even up to 100 RealCoins ($9.00 USD) for your audience and super fans to access your EXCLUSIVE social content.

And the best part?

You get to keep it all.

TapeReal is not and never will be a  profit-hungry conglomerate like many of today’s social media giants.

TapeReal was started by a small team of socially conscious individuals with a common goal to make the world of social media a better, fairer place for creators.

Imagine being able to create an unlockable live-set for your fanbase, setting your own price that you think is fair and receiving 100% of profits from all purchases.

Imagine music teachers being able to post their unlockable lessons, providing worthwhile tips and tricks for novices and fans whilst getting paid for their work which they can share across all of their social media channels.

With TapeReal, this is now a reality.