TapeReal.com is on Product Hunt Today!

TapeReal.com is on Product Hunt. Come see our EXCLUSIVE message from Satoshi Nakamoto and leave us comment if you have any questions.

TapeReal.com is on Product Hunt Today!
Photo by Damian Zaleski / Unsplash

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a startup leaderboard that refreshes everyday at midnight (PST). It's where startups submit their apps and the community votes for the best products of the day.

Some background about our product journey...

We originally launched on Product Hunt last summer as Tapebook, a social podcasting app for sharing short audio/video tapes.

Since then, and with our community's feedback, we significantly evolved the app and website to what TapeReal is today...

A vibrant social community and a hot new marketplace for selling your EXCLUSIVE audio/video content.

Today, I'm super stoked and excited to relaunch on Product Hunt!

You can find our listing here...