Personalize Your GIFs with TapeReal on Giphy!

Personalize Your GIFs with TapeReal on Giphy!

At TapeReal, our mantra is to always put people first.

From safeguarding your privacy, to featuring you on our social media channels, to writing about you on our blog, we simply love shining the spotlight on our growing community of tape creators.

Today, we're excited to announce another avenue for celebrating YOU...

Say hello to TapeReal's brand channel on Giphy!

Get personalized GIFs for Instagram & more...

If there's a personalized GIF you're just dying to have, then download our app, record your tape on TapeReal, and include the hashtag #putmeongiphy !

If you want a specific caption on your personalized GIF, then simply mention it in the comments. We will then use our GIF maker and add you to our Giphy channel.

Simply search for the relevant caption/tag in Giphy...


If there are too many search results, you can search for "tapereal" to quickly find all of your personalized GIFs!

You can use your custom GIF to impress your family and friends on Instagram or any of your top social media and chat apps.

Click below to see custom GIFs created with TapeReal

Are you featured on this list?

TapeReal's Giphy Channel Views
In the last 7 days, your GIFs have been viewed over 50K times!

Get custom GIFs for these trending captions and keywords:

  • Agree
  • Applause
  • Aww
  • Eww
  • Eyeroll
  • Facepalm
  • And of course... any other creative captions you can think of!!
Recording your custom GIF on TapeReal
Personalize your gifs for Instagram and other social media apps

How to create a custom GIF with TapeReal

In four simple steps:

  1. Download TapeReal's iOS App
  2. Record a tape and act out the GIF you want
  3. Publish the tape with the hashtag #putmeongiphy
  4. If you want a custom caption, mention it in the comments of your tape

That's it, you're done!  

Now wait to hear back from TapeReal on your approval!

GIF Creation Best Practices & Tips

Here are some best practices for making personalized GIFs:

  1. GIFs are limited to 15 seconds, but you should make your custom GIFs shorter, ideally at 6 seconds or less.
  2. Remember: longer GIFs take more time to load, so keep in mind that GIF media will be appearing on smaller screens like mobile phones.
  3. Practice acting out your GIF in front of a mirror before recording it. You can also record multiple takes in one tape and we will simply trim out the best one for you!
  4. Avoid super fast movements or gestures as they can be hard to capture.

Our panel of judges like to feature candid and natural moments from your tapes, but if there's a GIF you're just dying to customize, record your tape on TapeReal with the hashtag #putmeongiphy and we'll let you know when your personalized GIF is ready to use! ;-)

In the meantime, happy taping and stay tuned for new and exciting ways to express yourself using TapeReal!

TapeReal logo in black
TapeReal logo black

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