SPOTLIGHT: How 3 Sisters Use TapeReal to Preserve Their Priceless Social Memories

"With TapeReal, Victoria, Danielle, and Tara can record their thoughts and conversations as social memories in real time. They can document their lives, both as authentic individuals and as a tight-knit family unit."

SPOTLIGHT: How 3 Sisters Use TapeReal to Preserve Their Priceless Social Memories

Life experiences are a priceless collection of memories. Collectively, our memories overlap with those of our loved ones. After all, precious memories become more special as time passes on, and this is especially true for close knit families like the one we’re shining our spotlight on today.


Meet Victoria, Danielle, and Tara: three sisters who have embraced the modern spin on authentic human expression that is TapeReal. Their priceless collection of memories overflows with fond recollections like the ones still fresh on Victoria’s mind...

Such as trying not to get lost in all the leaves of their family tree …

“We grew up in a pretty small town where family was very important to everyone around us. We have a very big family – both Mom and Dad had 12 siblings each and every time we try to do a family tree on either side, we get lost in all the leaves."  

Or Enjoying family celebrations …

“Holidays were fun; we’d spend Thanksgivings and Christmases with our Mom’s side of the family where there were so many kids, you couldn’t see the tree behind the stacks of presents. We loved going up to Grandma’s attic to retrieve the Christmas decorations – there were so many treasures to look at - like somebody’s old boxing gloves or ceramic cat statues or baby shoes dipped in gold.

And embracing summer shenanigans…

We’d spend summers with our Dad’s side of the family, where we were all scared by stories of a make-believe band of evil boys who terrorized us when we slept in our tents in the mountains; we hit piñatas at birthday parties; we had 'don’t drop the egg' races and boat races down the river behind our house and pumpkin-carving contests and talent shows where the winner might walk away with whatever the adults had in their pockets.”

But why, exactly, are all these “family roots” so valuable? And what does TapeReal have to do with any of this?


Once upon a time, the only keepsakes Victoria, Danielle, and Tara had to remember their charmed childhood were physical photographs: moments in time now beginning to fade a bit around the edges…

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- 02/08/2020
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Pictures are great, of course. But most of us have experienced that frustrating moment where we can’t quite remember the details of why a picture was taken…

… or experienced the deflated sigh that comes with uncovering a long lost photograph of Great Auntie Imogene, only to realize the ink has faded, the corners are curled, and the layers of her lace wedding dress have bubbled up with water damage.

But what if Great Auntie Imogene had the “memory insurance” that comes with TapeReal?


Nobody wants to wake up one day to realize their family photographs have been destroyed or lost, and as our TapeReal Trio have discovered, there’s a modern solution to that.

These sisters’ life experiences are priceless because they are one of a kind… and so are yours. In fact, cherished memories don’t just deserve to be kept safe from musty attics and stray raindrops; they deserve to be built up, added to, and elaborated on as time marches forward.

With TapeReal, Victoria, Danielle, and Tara can record their thoughts and conversations as social memories in real time. They can document their lives, both as authentic individuals and as a tight knit family unit.

For example, in the below tape, Danielle recorded her walk with mom and shared it with her sisters living at a distance, immortalizing their conversation as a memory.


TapeReal is a living digital documentation of your genuine experiences… one that future generations can pick up and flip through just like that nostalgic photo album… but with so much more life than static poses and frozen facial expressions. It takes the excitement of recording these social memories to a whole new level, as we can see in Victoria’s explanation about what TapeReal means to her:

“Recording social memories is important; we use it as an opportunity to reminisce about things we haven’t thought about in a long time; and to connect about what’s happening right now, in the world in each of our lives.
It’s fun to listen to the dynamics we have as sisters and how we interact with each other. We’re so alike in so many ways and in others, so completely different. Being able to share ourselves with listeners and connect with people who are just as weird, funny, kind, and human as we are is important. Having a social interaction or a recording of someone’s voice or a story or a memory does, in a sense, immortalize you in a way because you get to relive that exact moment that you can carry on forever.
We like TapeReal because it gives us an opportunity to share these memories, thoughts, and personalities with the world and hopefully extend the sense of family we share to all that listen.
It’s a great and easy platform for people to connect with their own identities and those of others.”

So, how has TapeReal become such an important part of the sisters’ relationship?

Well, the answer lies in distance, both physical and in lifestyle.

So far, their unique paths have separated them from each other, both in where they live and what they do…


Tara is the oldest and left the house when she graduated high school. She studied at the University of New Mexico and went to Colorado after undergrad for a chance to find her own way. Now, she works in public health, focusing on programs that prevent diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.  In her spare time, she’s a writer and a runner…


Danielle graduated high school and moved in with Tara. While in Colorado, Danielle met her husband and shortly after, both pursued careers in healthcare in Arizona. Not too long ago, Danielle and her husband both decided they wanted to raise their family in their hometown in New Mexico. Now, she works for the financial and administrative sector of the very hospital in which she was born…


Victoria joined the military and has traveled around the world. Conveniently, the military took Victoria straight into Tara’s house for a while in which they also at one point lived together. Victoria currently lives in a tropical paradise because her husband is also in the military and they hope to settle down in a forever home soon! Victoria has worked as a case reviewer and security investigator, but recently left the military to finish her last year of electrical engineering school online...

As you can imagine, their lives are full of excitement, adventure, and — yes — missing each other:

What I miss most about my sisters is being able to be in their presence. Talking on the phone is the next best thing, however there’s nothing like being able to reach out and comfort if needed, or punch one of them in the face.
— Danielle
What I miss most about my sisters is that there is just something about being in the same house, at the same time. We can joke with each other about the most inconsequential thing. Like why Victoria yells so much or why Danielle can’t leave TikTok alone.
— Tara
I miss the physical bonding we have when we are together. I miss fighting to be the first to take a shower, I miss sitting in mom’s living room watching the same movies over and over because neither of us can choose a movie we all want to watch, and I miss talking about everything under the sun and moon. But, I am so thankful that we have the technology we do because being able to call each other whenever we want is amazing and we can continue our banter.  
— Victoria

With these kind of intimate familial connections, it’s no wonder that TapeReal is the perfect tool for these sisters (and their families) to digitally close the gap in distance between them!

Just listen to the below tape where Victoria surprise calls her sister Danielle to play a game of 90's RnB bop or flop...


Now, despite distance, the magic of creating and saving social memories that inspire charmed childhoods can continue into the next generation...

Holding baby’s hand
Photo by Aditya Romansa / Unsplash

There are eleven years and six kids between the three sisters; Danielle is the mother of the two oldest, Tara has one daughter, and Victoria has the three youngest of the clan.

The children cousins aren't growing up as physically close to each other as their mothers did, but today things are different. The barrier of physical distance doesn't hold a candle to digital connection. Our social memories can still be preserved like that photograph representing our last connection to a piece of family history.

Amazing relationships between these six new "leaves" of the family tree are still being created and cultivated from afar. Over time, those connections will build up, add to, and elaborate on the cherished living memories that have been digitally documented by their mothers...

Perhaps future generations will flip through their tapes, like a living and breathing memory album, containing priceless moments of reality from their ancestral past.