10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Followers on TapeReal

Stop burning out trying to crack social media algorithms. Here are 10 ways to grow your social media followers on TapeReal.

10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Followers on TapeReal

Building a community is essential for growing your network, expanding your reach, and creating new opportunities for engagement.

Every social media app has their own 'best practices' for growing a community. Here are some tips to help you grow your followers and audience on TapeReal:

1. Post Regularly

People are creatures of habit. When you post regularly, especially on a fixed schedule, like 3pm every weekday or once a week on Fridays, your audience will get accustomed to hearing from you and will start to look forward to your content.

Regular taping also gives people an opportunity to learn more about you. Sharing your voice or vlog is a powerful way to express yourself authentically.

If you offer a service, sell products, or have a business, it's also a great way to get exposure by sharing valuable content and insights. At the end of the day, people buy from people they know and trust. We call this social selling.

2. Share Original & High-Value Content

TapeReal is a place to document your journey, share your knowledge, insights, or anything interesting the community might enjoy and engage with.

Whether you're vlogging about the latest tech gadgets or sharing your journey to a healthier you, the options for sharing content are truly endless. Be lively, be yourself, be real.

Recording on TapeReal's new social media app
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Types of great content to record on TapeReal.com:

  • Reading self-published poems, short-stories, blog posts.
  • Opinion pieces about topics you care about i.e. climate change, cryptocurrencies, animal welfare, etc.
  • Playing musical instruments, singing, cover songs.
  • Comedy pieces, funny jokes, anecdotes, and situations.
  • Mini podcast-like shows on topics you care about.
  • Daily news, sports, or business updates.
  • Product reviews, unboxing, and testing.
  • Book clubs, movie and music reviews.
  • Travel stories; updates from unique destinations.
  • Cooking shows, recipes, and restaurant reviews.
  • Showcasing your talent.
  • How to's, life hacks, interesting skills.
  • And any other creative idea that comes to your mind.

The recording canvas is yours!

3. Use #hashtags and keywords

Using #hashtags and keywords help people discover your tapes based on the topic of your tapes. For example, if you're a musician and want to get your songs discovered, consistently use the same hashtag in all your tapes i.e. #music or #DJwonderful. This way, your hashtags will rank higher under "Discover" based on the number of tapes you've published for that hashtag.

You can also leverage hashtags based on the topic of your tapes. If your conversations are all about parenting, make sure you use #parenting in your hashtags. Each tape is allowed to include up to 5 hashtags. This limit is in place to prevent hashtag stuffing and overuse.

Make sure you also use descriptive keywords in your tape titles. This way, if people search for tapes based on keywords, your tapes will rank well.  

Use hashtags on TapeReal to improve discover-ability
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4. Invite Your Contacts

Start growing your audience by inviting your contacts to TapeReal.com. The app is currently available on iOS but Android will be coming soon! Here's how to find more friends and invite your contacts to TapeReal:

Step 1: Go to your profile screen

Step 2: Tap the "Invite" icon on the top left corner

Step 3: Choose the app or platform to send your invite message to

You can also tap the "Share" button on your profile to invite your followers on social media to check out your new channel on TapeReal.com

5. Engage & Leave Audio Comments

TapeReal is a people-first network, and engaging with tape creators is a great way to get to know each other. Leaving an audio comment humanizes the engagement.

Simply tap and hold the microphone icon to leave an audio comment for up to one minute. You can also share links and tag other users in the comments section.

6. Co-Create Tapes with other Tapers

Recording solo is fun, but recording with other people on TapeReal brings the tape to life! The conversation feels more engaging because you get two different perspectives and reactions at the same time. Plus it leads to some truly candid and authentic moments that can only be captured in the moment. If you're teaching something, it also gives the student an opportunity to ask questions and gain immediate clarity and feedback on the topic or skill you're teaching.

Socialize and stay connected through audio and video tapes on TapeReal
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Some ideas for co-creating on TapeReal.com:

  • Debates, discussions, and dialogue on interesting topics.
  • Interviews and conversations with subject matter experts.
  • Musical jam sessions from two different places.
  • Capturing reactions of people while you surprise them.
  • Teaching someone a skill or a topic.
  • Reminiscing over the good times.

7. Share Tapes on other Social Media apps or your website

If you want people to know about your tapes, share your TapeReal.com web link on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It's a great way to raise awareness about your presence on TapeReal and drives traffic to your new channel.

With web links, you can also embed your audio or video tapes on your own website, and people can watch/listen on TapeReal.com without downloading the app.

TapeReal is a new form of Social Media
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8. Ask for the Follow

As the saying goes, "ask and ye shall receive"!  Sometimes, it's just a matter of calling out the ask towards the end of your tape. Something along the lines of:

If you're enjoying listening to these tapes, then please hit the follow button so that you can be notified whenever I publish a tape.

You can also ask your followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites to start following you on TapeReal. It's a great way to start connecting meaningfully with your audience, and gives people an opportunity to get to know the real you.

With the ability to monetize your exclusive content, you can also make money by driving traffic to your feed of exclusives.

9. Complete Your Profile & Record an Intro!

Everyone likes following and connecting with real people. So make sure you upload a photo, cover photo, add a bio about yourself, your business, your interests, and if you have a website or podcast, include a link so that people can visit your website too.

Completed profiles are more likely to get viewed and followed.

Once your profile is complete, make sure you record a tape to introduce yourself to the community. TapeReal is about real people and real connections. An introductory tape is a great way to say hello and meet new people!

Can creators monetize on TapeReal?
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10. Get a Growth Plan

It's not easy to grow a following on traditional social media. Getting to a 1,000 followers on Instagram can take a lot of effort and gaming of the algorithm - it's exhausting and often leads to creator burnout.

TikTok's algorithm has made it easy to become TikTok famous, but it's purely driven by virality and the creation of viral content. TikTok also skews towards a younger audience and lower attention spans.

On TapeReal, we believe that less is more. We don't inundate you with sections that prompt you with "who to follow". We don't ask you to post 3 posts, 5 reels, and multiple times per week to get noticed by the algorithm.

We believe in sustainable business practices and offer a simple way to get discovered through our "Profile Swipe" feature under Discover.

It's like Tinder meets social media

You can effortlessly browse and swipe through various creator channels on TapeReal. If you like someone's channel based on their bio, you can swipe right to follow them or swipe left to see the next channel.

To give your new channel more exposure, you can purchase a growth plan.

Growth plans gives you a higher rank on the profile swipe feature, showing your channel more often to new people joining the app.

In addition, a growth plan will also give you better placement on the Public reverse chronological feed on days that you post, to ensure maximum exposure for your content.

Let's be better humans

Join a community of people who share the same interests and values as you.

Get the app and join the movement as early as today.

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