Goodbye Tapebook.

Goodbye Tapebook.

When we founded Tapebook in late 2018, our mission was to disrupt the world of podcasting. But instead of becoming another podcasting host/tool/provider, we wanted to make podcasting social and easier to create, by simply picking up your phone and calling someone – democratizing the process for everyone.

Since then, our community has helped us grow and evolve to where we are today. With people's feedback, we have rolled out new features like the ability to record solo, leave audio comments, and record longer tapes alongside more premium features!

In addition to audio, people can also record video – solo or together – with near zero upload time.

With video, we found ourselves in the World of video creators, influencers, and YouTubers, in addition to traditional audio podcasters.

We then realized we were building a new #SocialReality.

With these new features and our ambitious plans for the future, we needed a new identity that better reflected our vision of connecting humanity in meaningful ways.

We also wanted to shed any connection to traditional social media where you are the product of advertising and your privacy is not respected.  

After all, if we're going to build a new #SocialReality where people come first, it should be fresh, memorable, and also be available on a .com domain, right?

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TapeReal blended perfectly with our previous branding and design.

New TapeReal Logo (formerly Tapebook)

For those of you old enough to remember, there is a deeply nostalgic feeling associated with the word "tape":

  • Tape meant that you would record i.e. tape something
  • A tape in audio form was also known as a cassette tape
  • VHS tapes were also called video tapes
  • Every tape has a "reel" that captures the audio or video content
  • And with our focus on #SocialReality, "real" fit in perfectly.

Our vision, mission, and values remain the same. We will never exploit people for targeted advertising and never sell their data to third parties. TapeReal will continue to roll out new features and functionality that our community desires and loves. We are committed to building a new #SocialReality and changing the way people connect, create, and share audio and video content online. In a World of altered images and deep-fakes, we need more "real".

The TapeReal brand positions us for the journey ahead and we're excited to be charting these waters with you.

From everyone at TapeReal, thank you for believing in us.  

Happy Taping! :)

TapeReal is a new social media app.
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