Todays topic: Profiles on TapeReal

Lets get into it!

On the top left corner of your profile card, you'll find your profile picture which you can choose to your liking.  

Underneath that, your name and bio are available for your followers to see. Always remember to fill out your bio fully, with things you'd like your followers to know, your favorite quotes, passions or past-times etc etc.

Below that, in Yellow text you can find a link displayed to your social media/website/blog/linktree, so be sure to fill this in so you can drive traffic and let people know where else they can find you!

Then comes the Chronological feed, This will host all of the video and audio content that you have published on TapeReal, all in one convenient "post by post" lay out.

Handy huh?

Resting underneath your Profile card, you will find your followers and following lists, click on either of these numbers and you'll be show a list of all of the Profiles that Follow you or profiles that you are Following.

Clicking on Any of these profiles will take you to their profile, where you will have access to the Video and Audio content that they have created for the world to see.

Editing your Profile card could not be easier, simply tap the "Edit profile" button to access the back end of your TapeReal Profile, Here you will be able to Change your name, edit your bio and Profile photo at the press of a Button.

Easy Peasy!

We recommend not changing your username not too often as usernames are old user names are being snapped up by new members every day and there's no way to rescue an old name if it is taken by someone else.  

On TapeReal its important for new users to fill out their profile as best they can, as on our discover page, new users will learn about you when they swipe through user profiles. Tip: Members follow fully filled profiles more often than empty ones.

So, That's a simple breakdown of Profiles on TapeReal,

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