Getting Started on TapeReal: Growth Plans

The second installment of our "Getting Started" guidebook, today we're looking at growth plans on TapeReal.

Getting Started on TapeReal: Growth Plans

Todays topic: Growth plans on TapeReal

Lets get into it!

So, on your profile page, you will see a badge on the top right corner of your profile.

This badge determines which account category you fall into.

Basic accounts are completely free and will never cost you a penny on TapeReal.

Having a Basic account means your posts will still be shown on the "TapeFeed," which is our chronological feed available for all to see.

However, Basic accounts do sometimes fall short when it comes to the "discover" page where pages are ranked according to their account category.

Upgrading your account will help you become discovered by new followers and connections more often and more effectively, without the burnout of pleasing algorithms.

Purchasing a "Casual" plan shows great support for what TapeReal stands for: Respecting your privacy, promoting conversation, and healthy social media use.

TapeReal's Casual plan comes with great benefits too when it comes to the discover feed, pushing your account forward in the stack of profiles allowing you to be seen by more members.

Your posts will also gain more traction, getting a visibility boost on the TapeFeed.

A win-win for everyone... you get to create great content with boosted visibility, and help others find your work.

We all need a little boost some time!

Our other plans, "Active" and "Creator" go even further to promote your profile and your work, gaining 2nd and 1st priority on the TapeFeed and Discover sections of the app.

These plans are made to increase your experience as a TapeReal member, especially if you create content on the app and would like to reach new audiences or build your existing followers list.

As TapeReal is still in it's early days, we appreciate every membership.

We choose not to monetize from your information, we don't sell your data, hell, we don't even want your data!

We just want to offer a space where users create, and enjoy having real conversations with each other.

A place without abusive privacy policies, worrying information leaks, or annoyingly targeted ads.

Growth plans on TapeReal can be a great way to boost your account, and give you that extra push when it comes to attracting new followers.

So, I think that covers growth plans on TapeReal, Stay tuned for our next guide!

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