TapeReal.com is becoming a destination where anyone can watch and listen to interesting audio or video tapes from around the World.

Now that all tapes are "auto-magically" published to the web, our members are starting to get more exposure and views for their content.

Plus, the website listed under your profile can now link back to your own website or blog which is also beneficial for SEO... AND... with the ability to embed your tapes, you can now impact the dwell time on your site.

Here is a post that talks about the importance of dwell time for SEO:

Dwell Time in SEO: All You Need to Know

With TapeReal's app, you'll get the fastest way to record, publish and embed audio and video content online. In this post, we will explain how.

How to Embed Audio/Video Tapes to Increase Traffic to Your Website or Blog:

Visit TapeReal.com and find your tape on the TapeFeed or on your Profile page.

Click the "Share" icon for your tape (shown below)

How to find the embed code for your tape on TapeReal
Click the Share icon to find your tape's web link and embed code

The Share icon opens a pop-up where you can get your individual tape link and share it across Social Media or other channels like email. In the same pop-up, you'll also see your custom embed code (shown below)

Click "Copy Embed" to copy the code to your clipboard.

How to find the web link and embed code for your tapes
How to find the web link and embed code for your tapes on TapeReal

Now visit your website or blog's Content Management System (CMS) and log in.

Paste in the copied embed code as HTML within your editor.  

NOTE: Each CMS is different and has various editors, so the process may vary. I'm using Ghost for my blog and I've pasted in the embed code here.


I just recorded, published, and embedded an audio/video tape on my website or blog without uploading anything!

It's magical.

How to increase SEO traffic and enrich your website or blog content with an audio/video tape:

  • Record yourself reading your article or blog.
  • Add value-added content such as demos, explanations, or bonus content.
  • Embed podcasts and interviews. This is great for journalists who interview subject matter experts for breaking stories - no more transcribing!
  • Link back to get more Google Juice and improve your SEO rankings.
  • Increase dwell time on your site to positively impact SEO ranking.

The benefits of recording on TapeReal.com:

  1. No file management because there is absolutely nothing to upload!
  2. Never waste time uploading a file to YouTube or other site ever again.
  3. No expensive hardware or mics. Simply tap record and create effortlessly!
  4. Get heard by sharing web links across Social Media and other channels easily.
  5. Embed any tape on your website or blog to add SEO juice to your content.

TapeReal.com is currently available on the App Store.

Download it for FREE.

TapeReal screenshots
Use TapeReal to embed audio or video content on your blog for SEO.