Halloween is just around the corner.

With Covid-19, social distancing, and the potential for another lock-down, many children and families will not get to celebrate Halloween the way they used to.

* sob * :(

But if old traditions get cancelled, we can always start NEW traditions, right?!

In the spooky-spirit of Halloween, we're launching a fun contest on TapeReal.

Simply download the app and share your Halloween reality!

Some ideas for celebrating Halloween on TapeReal:

  • Dress up and show your scary (or funny) costume...
  • Share your decorated Haunted House...
  • Light up that jack-o-lantern and share your pumpkin carving...
  • Show us your favorite Halloween candies...
  • Or share a scary story!!

The most recommended tape will get a PROMO CODE code for a Premium Membership on TapeReal. We will also feature the winner on our blog!

Premium members unlock more recording time, longer audio comments, and also get their profile and tapes featured first throughout the app, which drastically helps grow your followers on TapeReal.

So... are you ready to share your spooky #SocialReality on TapeReal?

Pumpkin Carving Contest on TapeReal
Photo by David Menidrey / Unsplash