What does control mean to you?

What does control mean to you?
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At TapeReal, we believe control is synonymous with being FREE...

Free to share your authentic self
Free to choose the content you see
Free to decide who can use your data

These tenets tie into our values of privacy, sustainability, and human connection.

Free to share your authentic self

Life is art and you are the artist.

How you express and share your authentic self is up to you.

TapeReal's audio or video recording feature is raw, uncut, and without filters. It enables you to capture the real moment and document your journey.

If you want to add your creative touch, you can upload edited videos from your photo gallery too.

We value original, authentic, and meaningful content.

We stand with you. You are safe here.
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There is strength in diversity.

Humanity can learn a lot from each other.

TapeReal is building the safest place to be and celebrate who you are.

Free to choose the content you see

Your personal space is sacred.

You have every right to decide who can reach your personal space.

TapeReal respects your personal space by delivering a simpler social media experience that is non-intrusive and customizable to your needs.

We are the only social media platform that gets you off the hamster wheel of creating endless and meaningless content to appease algorithms.

Get off the hamster wheel of social media algorithms
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Your "For Me" feed is based on people you follow.

The "Public" feed is real-time, worldwide, and chronological.

If you don't want to see content from around the world, you can set a flag to see content from your country first.

If you want to receive fewer notifications, you can turn on/off individual notifications under your settings.

If growing your audience is important to you, you can increase your visibility with a monthly growth plan (subscribe or cancel at any time).

If you want to get paid for your work, you can set a price, sell access to your exclusive content, and keep all the earnings.

TapeReal is less intrusive and less oppressive.

We strive to develop features that empower people using the app.

Free to decide who can use your data.

Your data belongs to you.

Your privacy matters and you are not the product.

TapeReal believes in giving you full control over your privacy and will never share your data for ad targeting without your consent.

At this time, there are no ads on TapeReal.

Social media without ads and advertising
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In due time, TapeReal will launch an ad-based revenue model with selective brands who share our values of sustainability and authenticity.

Our advertising model will be less intrusive and also have better revenue sharing terms for creators and viewers alike.

TapeReal is the only social platform that values authenticity, meaningful expression, and the achievement of your aspirational goals.

Let's be better humans

Join a community of people who share the same interests and values as you.

Get the app and join the movement as early as today.

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