This is an open letter of gratitude to everyone who has been involved in the vision, growth, and evolution of TapeReal.

This list is not exhaustive and is in no particular order.

Everyone listed here deserves credit beyond anything that I can give with words. They embody and shape the identity of TapeReal, and without them, TapeReal wouldn't be... REAL.


Robert, where should I begin? You appeared like an angel and operate like a spirit guide. Thank you for resonating so deeply with the vision of TapeReal, for rolling up your sleeves on ANY task, and for being a fountain of deep creative insights. You are a true artist and you inspire me every day.


Dmitry, Victoria, Vadim, and the entire team working tirelessly behind the scenes on the back-end. Thank you for your continuous efforts, dedication, and attention to detail. Your belief in TapeReal's vision shines through in the quality of work you deliver each day. You are rock solid.


Asyrof, you've been with me since day one. Thank you for always being there to listen, to work on new ideas, think of new concepts, and for shining your creative light on everything TapeReal. You pulled through for me, even in the middle of planning your own wedding. You are clutch my brother.


Abdullah, thank you for bringing your special sauce to TapeReal. Your motivation, inspiring posts, and focus on bringing value to our social media community is much appreciated. You've helped TapeReal's social media presence grow by 600% in just a few months. Stay blessed and keep it up!


Gabriella, thank you for believing in TapeReal and for all your efforts in spreading the word. You have relentlessly reached out to thousands of creators, YouTubers, podcasters, and publications. May the universe bring it back to you a thousand times over. Keep following your heart and creative soul.


Neon, thank you for joining TapeReal as a creator first, and then as a content writer. You are wise beyond your years and have a promising career ahead as a writer, educator, and business owner. Thank you for writing for a our blog and being a voice for TapeReal's mission.

John, thank you for being a confidante and for your sage legal advice. You've helped me work through numerous legalities, not only with TapeReal, but also my previous startup. Your alignment with TapeReal's identity immensely helps shape our operations and policies.


Early adopters and creators, thank you for joining TapeReal. Some of you have been with us from the start. Your patience, feedback, and support inspires us to continue building every single day. Your voice is being heard, and your willingness to share your art, creativity, and knowledge is a delight to witness on TapeReal. You are all stars and you shine bright.


To my extended network of friends, colleagues, vendors, potential investors, and acquaintances. Thank you for downloading TapeReal, giving us a chance, sharing your feedback, following our social channels, liking or commenting on our posts, your podcast interviews, tapes, and for your continuous support. Your quiet and subtle contribution speaks volumes and makes a World of a difference.


To my immediately family: my mother for always believing in me; my father for always guiding me; my wife for always supporting me, and my children for always reminding me the importance of creative play. Thank you for giving me the time and space to work on TapeReal. You give me the strength and confidence to face anything.


To God, the Creator of life, the Heavens, and the Earth. With every breath and every day, I seek the purpose you have laid out for me. Thank you for teaching me to trust the process; for bringing challenges and obstacles with necessary lessons; and for guiding me on this path. I am but a servant to your will. Please give me patience, teach me compassion, and help me stay true to our values.  


Moving forward...

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for TapeReal.

We have launched a significant app update with version 1.9, a newly revamped website, and some hilarious meme videos (see one below).

But this is only the beginning...

We will continue to execute on our mission to give humanity a meaningful voice and the freedom to choose what they see in this World.

And with TapeReal's monetization capabilities, creators can now get paid for their audio/visual work and make a living in the process.

The time for you is now.

Watch video...

Creator Monetization - Rocky Real

Thank you letter to everyone on TapeReal
Photo by Morvanic Lee / Unsplash