TapeReal is the only social platform that values authenticity, meaningful expression, and the achievement of your aspirational goals.

TapeReal is independent, privacy-first, and algorithm-free.

We aspire to build a sustainable social media network that is focused on meaningful content, human connection, and the wellbeing of society.

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Our Values

Everything we do is built on the foundation of our core values. We are truth seekers, changemakers, and believe that every human being's journey is unique.

Start with How

We act responsibly and think about the consequences of our actions. We ask how our decisions (e.g., new features, campaigns, partnerships) will impact the wellbeing of our audience, creators, and society at large.

Be Curious Seekers

We seek the truth and know that it is an evolutionary process. We explore ideas and give other people’s ideas space to exist. We relentlessly experiment, iterate, and learn along the way. We use curiosity as a means of discovery.

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Create Simple Experiences

We do simple things and do them better than anyone else. We find ways to add more through subtraction. We remove the noise, the extra steps, the bells, and whistles. We believe that simple is elegant.

Be Authentic

We value authenticity and genuine relationships. We act in an honest, truthful, and transparent way. We do this without ulterior motives or being hurtful to others. We are humble and celebrate what it means to be human.

Embrace Diversity

We are inclusive and find strength in diverse backgrounds. We believe that everyone has a unique perspective and deserves an opportunity to be heard. We honor and celebrate our differences.

Who is the team behind TapeReal?

TapeReal was founded in 2018 and is being developed by a remotely distributed international team of designers, developers, and operators.

Our team members hail from Canada, USA, Russia, Cameroon, Ukraine, Indonesia, France, and India.

We value unity amongst humans and treat everyone equally.

Factors like race, age, gender, political views, etc. matter less.

Who you are as a person matters more.

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How is TapeReal funded?

Founder Ali Shah has been self-funding this project to date.

In Q4 of 2021, TapeReal launched an equity-based crowdfunding campaign and successfully raised over $50,000 CAD.

TapeReal is also funded by our community-driven business model where you can purchase a monthly growth plan to help increase your channel's visibility on the app and the web. With a growth plan, you get better discoverability without the pressure of appeasing algorithms.

If you are not a creator, you can still champion TapeReal's vision by purchasing a plan. Show your support if you believe in everything that TapeReal stands for: privacy, sustainability, and human connection.

How can I buy shares in TapeReal?

TapeReal is selective and open to accredited investors, angel investors and venture capitalists who share our values and long term vision.

If you are interested in being a part of our mission as an investor, please send us an email with your details to:  info@tapereal.com

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Will there be advertising on TapeReal?

When the time is right, TapeReal will launch an ad-based revenue model with selective brands who share our values of sustainability and authenticity.

Staying true to our values is important to us. Our advertising model will be less intrusive and also have better terms for creators and viewers alike.

Does TapeReal have an Ambassador program?

Yes. We welcome Ambassadors who believe in the mission of TapeReal. If you would like to get involved, please send us an email with your name, country of residence, and a brief description about how you plan to help in your local area.

Send your pitch to:  creative@tapereal.com

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“It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb that means an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to grow in a safe and healthy environment. - Wikipedia

With the support of our community, team, and investors, we believe in creating a social media platform that inspires people to be better humans.

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