7 content ideas that will boost your creator game!

Writers block? Short of inspiration? Don't worry, I'm here to give you a handful of great content ideas to boost your TapeReal game!

7 content ideas that will boost your creator game!
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#1 Host a podcast.

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Yes! There’s no better time than now to kickstart your career in the world of Podcasting.

Podcasts can be easy to create and high in entertainment.

Share your passions, hobbies or interests through your very own show.

With TapeReal’s call recording capabilities, you can now host guests on your program, carry out interviews or simply just get together and have a chat.

Learn how to easily start a podcast with TapeReal.

#2 Show your musical ability.

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If you’re a musician, singer or songwriter, there’s no better place to start posting your exclusive works than TapeReal.

With TapeReal’s HD Recording interface, you can capture crispy audio and video of your demo, live playing or jam session.

If you want to monetize your music, you can simply add a paywall via the Exclusives functionality.

You set the price for your exclusive content and your fans pay to access your music.

No more exploitative percentages set by streaming companies.

Learn more about how Musicians can make money using TapeReal.

#3 Teach Lessons.

Drawing room
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The world is hungry for information.

And now, more than ever, people are starting to look to the internet as a way to brush up on their language skills, prepare for exams or look to broaden their horizons.

With this influx of eager students, Teachers, course providers and coaches have started hosting their works on educational platforms to cater to the growing demand.

And now TapeReal has entered the game!

With TapeReal’s monetization functionality, students can view the first 20 seconds of your course, lesson or lecture, and if they’d like to continue your class, they can simply unlock your Tape by paying the price that you set.

You can split up your course lessons into micro-segment and charge as little as $0.09 cents, or split them into longer segments and charge up to $9.00 USD.

Learn how teachers, course creators, and educators can sell audio or video courses with TapeReal.

#4 Start your Vlog!

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Vlogging has become one of the most popular forms of content over the past few years. It’s easy to see why.

Why not try your hand at embarking on your Video log Journey?

Show people an insight into your life, your travels and your story.

Take your camera with you and capture the moment with TapeReal’s Record functionality, or edit your content neatly together and instead use the Upload feature!

Recently, I wrote an article about the evolution of Vlogging and its cultural relevance in today’s world. Read on!

#5 Tell your story!

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TapeReal is Perfect for storytellers.

As a growing community of creatives, TapeReal is a great place to share your fiction/ nonfiction stories.

Share your Readalongs via the audio record function, or post a screen recording of your page by page narration.

Connect with your audience like never before by receiving feedback and listening to their audio comments on your posts!

Your Tapes can be a great way to hone your storytelling abilities and gain real insights to your stories and writing.

Reach a wider audience with the help of TapeReal.

#6 Inspire change.

Love Trumps Hate
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Motivational speakers are needed now more than ever.

Sharing life advice, learning experiences or useful tips to help others navigate through life’s more difficult challenges can be a great way to build a loyal audience and make real change.

By utilizing TapeReal’s TapeFeed, you can now spread your message more effectively than on any other platform.

Chronological and on the front of TapeReal's Website, your inspiring words will travel further than ever before.

Learn more about TapeReal's Chronological feed.

#7 Dance your socks off!

Dance Group Chant
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TapeReal plays host to some great movers and shakers!

With the meteoric rise of Tik Tok, it’s become evident that dancers have incredible possibilities to grow large audiences on social media.

Be it salsa, hip hop or ballet, TapeReal can be your new stomping ground to make your name on.

Utilizing TapeReal's Creator Growth plans; you can now reach the front page of the platform and the discovery feed.

If you’d like to focus more on your craft then let the app build your audience for you. Learn how to easily grow your social media audience.

Learn more about TapeReal's unique features.

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Happy Taping!