TapeReal is a fledgling startup.

We have no VC funding... and no big name influencers or celebrities... (yet!)

We're just a passionate community of REAL people with BIG hearts.

If you enjoy using TapeReal, you can have an impact on our growth and help make a difference.

Here are 5 ways you can help the TapeReal community grow faster.

1. Write us a review on the app store.

Reviews play a role in determining an app's ranking on the App Store.

Write a review for TapeReal on the app store
Photo by James Yarema / Unsplash

The more reviews we get for TapeReal, the more likely people will organically discover TapeReal on the the App Store.

By writing us a review, you will help improve our ranking and we'll be able to reach more people searching for apps like TapeReal.

Share your feedback, tell us what you like about TapeReal, and feel free to mention any new features that you would love to see too!

2. Invite your friends/family/network to the app.

On the top right corner of the 'record' screen, there is an "Invite" button.

How to invite your contacts to TapeReal in 3 simple steps
How to invite your contacts to TapeReal in 3 simple steps

Tap invite, sync your contacts, and invite 5 of your closest contacts to the app.

Remember, we respect your privacy and will never save any of your contacts on our servers. That's just how we roll!

We only use the sync process to see if anyone else in your network is already on TapeReal so that you can easily follow and invite them.

After inviting your contacts, follow each other to become connections.

Connections: when two people follow each other they become connections. Connections can call and record together, audio or video.

You can also call and record a tape introducing yourselves, maybe share a story about how you met or record a podcast on a topic you care about.

3. Spread the word on social media about TapeReal.

The more people in your network hear about TapeReal, the more likely they are to download and follow you here.

Spread the word about TapeReal on Social Media apps
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Moreover, whenever you create a tape, simply tap the "Share" icon and post your tape web link on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp groups, etc.

We also auto-populate the #hashtags for you, so you don't need to type anything!

This will also help you create awareness and drive more traffic to your channel on TapeReal.

4. Create tapes on a regular schedule.

Share a random thought, funny story, vlog your day, podcast with a friend, or simply upload your own evergreen content.

Vlogging on TapeReal like a YouTuber
Photo by Jenny Ueberberg / Unsplash

Since we don't have any algorithms, there's less pressure to create daily and you don't have to fear being de-ranked by a nasty algorithm.

But you should create regularly and consider setting a schedule that suits you.

Routines help people make sense of the World.

It's also gives your audience something to look forward to.

If you're not ready to create on a regular schedule, then make sure you complete your profile: upload a pic, add a bio, website link, etc.

At minimum, record one tape to introduce people to your channel.

It lets others on the app know there is a REAL human behind the profile.

5. Engage with the community.

We're in this together.

girl friends hands piled togethger
Photo by Hannah Busing / Unsplash

Like, follow, comment, ask questions, share other people's tapes.

It's a great way to connect and engage with the community.

Tapers love meeting new and interesting people.

When you see or listen to other people's opinions and perspectives, it feels more natural and authentic.

It's also a great way to learn from others, expand your own mind, and improve your listening, speaking and conversational skills.


Why would you do all of this?

Why would you want to help TapeReal grow?

Well, we're living in a World where AI can clone your voice, filtered images are everywhere, fake news is rampant, and it's becoming more difficult to trust the media nowadays.

In contrast, TapeReal's vision is to connect humanity in meaningful ways.

We aspire to give everyone a voice, and the freedom to choose who and what they see in this World.

This is why we have no algorithms, no ads, we don't mine or sell your personal data, and we respect your privacy.

We do this so that we can create a space for you to...

Just be REAL on TapeReal
Just be REAL on TapeReal